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microtub - Chronic Shift

av Eivind Imingen, publisert 11.10.2019, 00:00.

Microtonal tuba and modular synth bliss, a meditative slow moving record with stunning sound from the large water reservoir under Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. An immersive experience that gives a glimpse into a truly unique acoustic space.

Microtub is the world's first microtonal tuba trio, exploring just intonation and the rich harmonic potential of the tuba. They have been an important force in the experimental music scene and just intonation community for nearly 10 years, with several critically acclaimed releases on renowned Norwegian label Sofa Music.

The group has been breaking new ground for the tuba by combining it with electronics, self written software and modular synths. A long standing interest in site specific music has seen them introduce the tuba to incredible spaces, including the Berlin Wasserspeicher (old water reservoir), a Mexican Cathedral, the Palace Ruin Project art installation in the business district of Amsterdam, and a Canadian ice hockey hall(!).

Microtub's immersive drone music transport the listener to a different place in their mind, where patience is rewarded, and your ears tune into the space around you. Their music can be a starting point for curiosity, mediation, or an exploration of your inner self.

The trio plays special custom made microtonal tubas developed by Robin Hayward in collaboration with Technische Universität Berlin and the world class instrument manufacturer B&S. These represent a complete reimagination of the tubas valve system, to far extend the instruments tuning capabilities. This, combined with Microtubs extensive knowledge of just intonation and natural harmonies creates a truly unique ensemble. The purpose of this record is to make available to a larger audience the experience of this special room, where the three tubas cease to sound like normal brass instruments and are turned into a machine transmitting harmonics as if from another world.

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