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Sjappesnakk: Interview with Pink Milk from Sweden!

av Maria Refsland, publisert 11.03.2022, 11:11.
Pink Milk pressphoto

Every so often, the whole working crew at Tiger falls head over heels over a record. We all experienced this with the beautiful goth-shoegaze-dreampop-duo Pink Milk from Sweden, and we just couldn't help ourselves; We needed to get to know them better! We set out on a quest to get our questions answered, and let us tell you; We got more than we bargained for!

First off all, would you mind giving a brief overview of the band and how it formed ?

-We met at a Dinosaur JR show in Gothenburg and shortly after that we realized we wanted to create music together. We have long experience of music and art schools so it began naturally and since we are very interested in fashion and film we wanted to create something more than just music. Something iconic and inspiring. We try to handle Pink Milk more as an art project.

While I've always loved post-punk and new wave as a genre, it's refreshing to hear someone create a more industrial, gothy and "cold" sounding version of it. More Cassandra Complex, Cocteau Twins and Sisters of Mercy than The Cure , New Order and Gun Club. How did you land on the specific sound?

-We are Scandinavians and really inspired by dark, cold and wet soundscapes. We are interested in contrasts and have the ambition to create new expressions. We want to paint the picture ourselves. Since the beginning we have been trying to create our own mixes, playing live just the two of us on stage and making music you want to get high to. Somehow the reverb drenched cold soundscape is the product of hours not knowing how to do it the right way but with a clear vision of the result. That is how we discovered our sound. On Ultraviolet we actually found a producer understanding our vision from the first album and it was very rewarding.

The songs often switch between English and Swedish. Is this a deliberate, artistic choice in your songwriting, or has this occurred naturally when you create the songs?

-For us some melodies just sound better in Swedish. We try to paint a picture with the sound of the words instead of the actual meaning of the words. Sometimes howling is the perfect language for a song. We want to have an open and creative approach to our work. English is not our mother language and the meaning can sometimes lose its strength for our expression.

I'm in love with the aesthetics of the band, blending the teenage goth-phase with kind of a vaporwave / dream pop feel . Are there any bands or themes that has inspired you to create the hybrid esthetics that you have in the band?

-For us fashion is everything and sometimes more important than music inspiration. Movie soundtracks have been important for our music vision as we often tried to make our own versions of themes and moods. We talk fashion and moodboards instead of playlists. We like the 90´s music scene and wish to go back in time. The Smashing Pumpkins with Dárcy is very inspiring for us. We like their visual work, how they played with darkness and light and how they performed live.

We here at Tiger absolutely love the new record, and we're dying to see you live. I know you played the Øya Festival a few years back, but are there any plans on visiting Oslo again in the immediate future?

-We´re waiting for the storm to pass and after that we are coming for you!

Are there any other Swedish bands (regardless of genre! ) that people needs to open their eyes up to ?

-Try Klass II, Second oracle, The Exorcist GBG and It´s For Us!

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