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Kråkesølv’s new album is here!

The four youngsters from Bodø mesmerized reviewers and audiences with the release of their first album, Trådnøsting, in 2009. The mix of symphonic rock and classic folk pop, accompanied by strong lyrics in Norwegian dialect was exotic and new. The fantastic debut has been succeeded by two solid album releases and numerous tours around Norway for an ever-growing audience.

As one of the most remarkable Norwegian bands of their generation, Kråkesølv have been rewarded the Spellemann award, and collaborated with artists like Øystein Greni, Marit Larsen and Karpe Diem.

Since we last heard from them, Kråkesølv have a new band member, which appears to have revitalized the band. The new drummer Jørgen Smådal Larsen (Lukestar) has even produced the album, with his partner Martin Bowitz, in Malabar Studio.

Kristoffer Nohr Unstad tells us about the upcoming album: The change of line-up has renewed our sound, and the soundscape is slightly more forthright than before. The first single “Ikke rart vi blir sprø” is a good example, with the instruments constantly urging the vocals into the next chorus. This approach of immediacy is apparent on several songs, but the music is still varied. “Bare på besøk” is seasoned with brass players, “Hoffnarr” is the closest we’ve come to pure post-rock, and the closing track “Plukka verden fra hverandre” is somewhat unique when it comes to Kråkesølv – a country-inspired ballad. The lyrics cover observations about distance, inadequacy and – of course – love. It is often about the importance of boiling down the big things to the small experiences, and balancing everyday and adventure.

With Kråkesølv, lyrics have always been the main focus, in addition to the visuals of the releases. This time, the band has recruited some of Norway’s most exciting, young illustrators, and given them freedom to visually interpret their assigned song from the new album. You will see the result up until the album’s release in March.

The interpreters of the songs are:
E du med mæ: Remi Juliebø
Ikke rart vi blir sprø: Peter-John de Villiers
Minifom: Hanne Berkaak
Hoffnarr: Robin Snasen Rengård
Etter økanes livslyst kom dødsangst: Christina Magnussen
Det resonner ikke i mæ: Magnus Voll Mathiassen
Til neste år, kanskje: Jon Arne Berg
Bare på besøk: Darling Clementine
I all enkelhet: Morten Tyholt
Plukka verden fra hverandre: Frode Skaren

Kråkesølv are:
Fredrik William Olsen – guitar/vocals
Kristoffer Unstad – guitar/vocals
Jørgen Smådal Larsen – drums/guitar
Petter Unstad – bass/vocals

Side A
E du med mæ 2:36
Ikke rart vi bli sprø 3:20
Minifom 3:17
Hoffnarr 3:53
Etter økanes livslyst kom dødsangst 3:51

Side B
Det resonner ikke i mæ 3:10
Til neste år, kanskje 3:32
Bare på besøk 3:34
I all enkelhet 4:48

Plukka verden fra hverandre 3:49