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Strangers And Lovers

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Thea & The Wild’s brilliant debut album is out now. This is a release that comes with high expectations and has already gotten rave reviews in Norway.

Despite her young age, Thea Glenton Raknes is quite experienced in the Norwegian music industry. She has gained a lot of said experience as a songwriter, lyricist, frontwoman, and now as a producer.

With the project Thea & The Wild, she produces bold pop music that truly is catchy. The songs can be found in an alternative musical landscape, where playful pop melodies are mixed with elements of synth pop and classic rock. The soundscape is inspired by Thea’s love for the organic, with a warm bass, playful retro guitars, analogue synths and a focus on melodies and rhythm. Glenton’s characteristic vocals serves as a guide through the songs, and it is all elegantly produced by Kenneth Ishak (Beeswax, Heyerdahl), and Thea herself. Ishak also contributes as the only other musician on the album, in addition to Thea.

The songs I have made for this album are pop songs the way I like them; with clear choruses and lively melodies and rhythms. The lyrics may be a little dark, as I tend to write them from what struggles I have in my head. But this is a record you can smile to, dance down the pavement to, or play loudly in the car in the summer, while you dream of falling in love or reminisce about heartbreak”, says Thea.

Before the album’s release, Thea has already played at both the Hove and the Øya festival. The latter gig was rewarded with 5 out of 6 on the dice in newspaper Aftenposten’s review. In addition, she was recently handpicked as an opening act for Sivert Høyem’s Norwegian tour, which introduced Thea & The Wild to a large and wide audience across the country.

The musicians in her band are the following: Kenneth Ishak (Beezewax, Heyerdahl), Ådne Meisfjord (120 days), Stina Moltu Marklund (Stina Stjern, Supervixen) and Joachim Amundsen Trana (Hypertext, Casiokids). During 2013, they have already become a captivating, tight and experienced live band, and they have received nothing but good testimonials following their performances.


  1. Strangers and Lovers
  2. Ropes
  3. Cry Sometimes
  4. Mourning Song
  5. Heartattack
  6. Roy Orbison
  7. Trains
  8. Murderous
  9. Hots For You
  10. Cold Feet
  11. Take Me To That Dark Place