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Lustmord Much Unseen is Also Here

Much Unseen is Also Here

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Dark ambient pioneer, Stygian drone legend and near-mythical entity Lustmord pierces the veil once more with ‘Much Unseen Is Also Here’; the artist’s latest, solo full-length release in a formidable, 40-year creative career at the forefront of industrial music.

Urged by Cosey Fanni Tutti and Chris Carter of Throbbing Gristle to make music that captured his distinctive aura, Brian Williams assumed the mantle of Lustmord in 1980 and
began working with sound because the music he wanted to listen to simply didn’t exist. Nine years of field-recording experimentation and near-constant collaboration later, Lustmord released his third album, ‘Heresy’, which became a milestone in the industrial scene and is now universally regarded as the origin of the dark ambient genre.

35 years later, ‘Much Unseen Is Also Here’ continues the legacy established by ‘Heresy’ and echoes its enthralling narrative arc. Sequenced in three distinct parts; ‘Much Unseen Is Also Here’ is meant to be listened to in a single, uninterrupted sitting; transporting listeners away to an uncompromising parallel world that only exists within the music,
before casting them back out at the end, forever changed.


Side A
1. Behold A Voice As Thunder
2. Entrails of the God Machine

Side B
3. An Angel Dissected
4. A Shadow Cast Upon The Deep

Side C
5. Invocation of the Nameless One
6. Their Souls Asunder

Side D
7. Hence Shall They Be Devoured All Of Them
8. Other Woes Are Yet To Come