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Beaten To Death Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis

Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis

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MKR 039

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Beaten To Death's sixth album, “Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis”, will be out on Mas-Kina Recordings May29th!

As usual, the record was recorded live and mixed by guitarist Tommy Hjelm, and as on the previous two releases, William Hay’s amazing artwork is worth the vinyl price alone. All the band members have aged horribly since “Last Maar, Ik Verhuis Naar Het Bos” (2021), and this is naturally the theme of the album. The positive thing about getting closer to the grave, is that profound poetry comes much easier than when the members were carefree youngsters, frolicking in the Norwegian forests.

The first single from the album is "My Hair Will Be Long Until Death", and is presumably about being a True Norwegian Melodic Grindcore bass player with no self-awareness.


01 Dalbane
02 My Hair Will Be Long Until Death
03 Enkel resa till limfabriken
04 Minus och minus blir minus och minus
05 Mosh For Mika (Waddle Waddle)
06 Dying The Dream
07 Life... But How To Leave It?
08 We're Not Gonna Make It
09 Ormer til tarmer, måne på hodet