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Triggered Sun Never ending Beginning

Never-ending Beginning

LP LTD Super Marble
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Triggered Sun is the improvised heavy psychedelic trio of Acid Mothers Temple speed guru and guitarist Kawabata Makoto, AMT drummer Satoshima Nani, and young generation bassist Ozaki Yuya (ex. Gezan).

Their first studio session at kz Studio in Kobe on 1st February 2022 resulted in four tracks initially self-released as a self-titled CD-R limited to 20 copies which was sold at a concert. One of the tracks was also contributed to the "UKR2022: War Relief Benefit Compilation" released by Hærverk Industrier in April 2022.

All four tracks have since been renamed, mixed again by Kawabata and then mastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo at Dude Ranch Studio. The retitled debut album, "Never-ending Beginning", is available on LP from Zen Feedbacker and CD from Sanntidsmusikk, limited to 200 copies each, and the first 25 copies of each format include a proper glassmastered CD pressing of the aforementioned CD-R, featuring the early mixes of all tracks and including the original artwork.

Limited edition of 200 copies on super marble vinyl in gatefold sleeve.


Side A:
1. Snatcher Of A Next Healthy Body (6:22)
2. Open The Super Heart Drive (7:04)
3. Sequenced Metadimension (4:00)

Side B:
1. He Is A Botcher ~ Wark And Woozy (17:28)