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Rosa Faenskap cover Jeg blir til deg

Jeg blir til deg

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Patricidal black metal trio ROSA FAENSKAP from Oslo, Norway present their upcoming debut album "Jeg blir til deg", scheduled for release on Fysisk Format November 3rd.

ROSA FAENSKAP is a declaration of love for – as well as a declaration of war against – black metal itself. In a genre marinated in unhealthy amounts of testosterone and misanthropy, ROSA FAENSKAP stands as a counterweight, celebrating queerness, equality, and everything that sparkles. They swap the corpse paint and sweaty odour of black metal with eyeliner and rainbows. They combine hard-hitting, lightning fast drums with heavy, melodic bass lines, bathing in a dreamy wall of sound from the guitar.

With their background in autonomous culture house Blitz, which in the 80s fostered bands like So Much Hate and Kafka Process, ROSA FAENSKAP has taken the fight against prejudice and repression into a new millenium, expanding on the political hardcore foundation with elements of black metal, post-rock, prog and shoegaze. They mix the ugliest and the prettiest music has to offer, in a cauldron tasting both sweet and horrifying. ROSA FAENSKAP shall strive, to the best of their ability, to drive black metal purists insane.

ROSA FAENSKAP originated on a drunken night of mayhem in 2021 when guitarist Emil and bassist Håvard found drummer Anders in a garbage can, knocked out drunk but perfectly balancing a hot dog in each hand. "Right there we knew we'd found the perfect guy to handle the sticks" says Emil and Håvard.

Håvard Solli: Bass and vocals
Emil Vestre: Guitar and backingvocals
Anders Jansvik: Drums

Artwork by Emil Vestre
Produced by Torfinn Sommerfeldt Lysne
Mixed by Oskar Johnsen Rydh
Mastered by Tom Ignatius


1. Livredd 5:12
2. Skjør 3:58
3. Reform 3:46
4. Aldri 9:12
5. Jeg blir til deg 6:17
6. Jeg puster enda 0:45
7. Paradis 4:26
8. Gjenferd 1:01
9. Neonlys 3:59