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NH3 Jeg tror det er med vilje

Jeg tror det er med vilje

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NH3 consists of Heidi Kvelvane on saxophone and electronics, Eline Rafteseth on double bass and electronics, and Guro Kverndokk on vocals. Free improvised music and unconventional instrument combinations with a broad spectrum of sound characterize the trio. With an introverted delivery, the musicians draw you into an immersive and meditative soundscape. The music can be compared to the absurd and idiosyncratic experience of Twin Peaks and David Lynch's creations. Abrupt shifts, unexpected elements, floating soundscapes, and surrealistic elements blend together in a strange and unique synergy. The music is created in the moment and accompanied by raw, unfiltered lyrics that create a creeping unease from the first word.

The musicians in the trio met at the Grieg Academy in Bergen and are known from projects such as Paal Nilssen-Love Large Unit, Huldr, Borealis Ung Komponist, and Shakai. They have all participated in numerous releases and bring a wide range of inspiration and references into the band. Genre-wise, the album falls between jazz, experimental music, and contemporary music, but with influences from folk music and world music. Kverndokk has written lyrics that are recited on some of the tracks. The lyrics deal with intense psychosomatic experiences triggered by an overactive imagination and a turbulent emotional life.

Both Rafteseth and Kvelvane contribute electronics and effects on the album. As everything was recorded in the same room, some of the vocals leaked into the saxophone microphone, contributing to a lively sound image in the studio. The vocals are close-miked but without further effects. The form of the album is built on fleeting changes between soundscapes, melodic elements, and more rhythm-focused periods. "Jeg tror det er med vilje" was recorded in early 2022 at Duper Studio with Iver Sandøy as producer.


1. Prosess
2. Gong
3. Gatelangs
4. IV
5. Noe vilt
6. Gong Gong
7. VII
8. Til det ikke er noe igjen