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d r o n e f u c k n o i s e r o c k

Hold your breath, minimize that Zoom window, and try to focus because this press release will not bend. The Oslo band Takomaha wields a broad brush and are relentless with applying pitch black strokes churning out what can best be described as Nordic Noir.

n o i s e d r o n e r o c k f u c k

Across 6 tracks we hear a pandemic snarl. The self-titled album is filled to the brim with frustration, completely absorbed of any mainstream appeal and dry brushed with a toxic substance with a fire diamond sum of atleast 7, to be stored out of reach of small children and the legally incapacitated.

r o c k n o i s e f u c k d r o n e

Takomaha lures you in for a listen to a crisp noise acid bath and it would be imprudent, nay, reckless, to refuse.

f u c k r o c k d r o n e n o i s e



You’ve probably seen them earlier, where they turned some heads and made some noise at both the 2018 and 2019 Øyafestivalen club warm up, Trondheim Calling 2019, Musikkfest 2019 and somehow they also feated to:

  1. Play a show in Oslo and
  2. sell out a pandemic restricted BLÅ in 2021

It would be ill-mannered to drop names, so I’ll do just that:

The eponymous album is produced and mixed by Milton von Krogh (Pirate Love, Årabrot, Skalla, Gerilja), co-produced by Takomaha and mastered by Nick Terry (Serena Maneesh, 120 Days, The Libertines, Kvelertak).


E. Nielsen - Vocals

H. Taksdal - Guitar

E. Stordrange - Bass

K.A. Holmøy - Drums

J. Fossum - Guitar, synth, samples & tapes

Saxophone on «HATECHANTS» & «TRASH HANDS» by Bendik Brænne.

Vibraphone on «AN INTROVERT’S GUIDE TO SUCCESS» by Jørgen Natland Apeness.


An Introverts Guide to Success
Trash Hands