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Formed out of the urge of creating violent and cathartic hardcore, TVIVLER spawned with members from locally and internationally known bands such as LACK, CHILDREN OF FALL and TOWN PORTAL, the band explores the experimental part of hardcore punk without being separeted by its roots. TVIVLER is a band that shows their love to the outer specters of punk, with equal nods to the likes of Blondie as to the likes of Brutal Truth.

Following up their 2020 effort "EGO", TVIVLER have crossed borders with their new LP "Kilogram" due for release on Norwegian Label Fysisk Format 6th of May.

Kilogram was recorded in Black Tornado, Copenhagen 5 - 11 April 2021

Engineer: Sune Kaarsberg
Mix: Scott Evans in Antisleep Audio
Mastering: Brad Boatright in Audiosiege
Cover art: Asbjørn Skou
Graphic design: Mads Ogstrup Nielsen
Drums: Morten Clausen
Bass: Morten Ogstrup Nielsen
Guitar: Thomas Feltheim
Vocals: Thomas Burø
Saxophone: Henrik Pultz Melbye (Richard Rorty på Klinikken, Livsform på Tvangsauktion, år 529)
Cello: Josefine Opsahl (Der er for få borgerlige i det her land, Jeg bor her jo bare, Michael Strunge som neoliberal)

Kilogram is released by the record label Fysisk Format
Postboks 8828 Youngstorget, N-0028 OSLO, Norway


1. Michael Strunge som neoliberal
2. Dagdrømmer
3. Der er for få borgerlige i det her land
4. Mænd der hader dyr
5. År 529
6. Ex-medlem af menneskeheden
7. Jeg bor her jo bare
8. Livsform på tvangsauktion
9. Richard Rorty på klinikken

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