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Raajroe – The Reindeer Caravan

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Raajroe – The Reindeer Caravan is the third album from Norwegian Grammy-winner, Marja Mortensson. Beautifully orchestrated by Daniel Herskedal, who also plays on the album with Jakop Janssønn and the Norwegian National Broadcasting Orchestra.

Marja Mortensson (26), a young South Saami yoiker and singer from Svahken Sïjte reindeer herding district, in Hedmark County (Norway), has a remarkable voice. Born into a reindeer herding family, Marja’s life, as well as her music, are both firmly rooted in the South Saami way of life. Her songs centre different aspects of her indigenous Saami identity, e.g. the closeness and importance of the environment, as well as both her love for reindeer husbandry and her commitment to the protection and revitalization of the South Saami language.

Despite her young age, Marja has already received widespread recognition for her music and throughout her career she has performed together with several well-known musicians. She was awarded the 2013 Hedmark County Culture Award, and was crowned “Young Artist of the Year” at the international indigenous festival Riddu Riđđu, in 2014. This, in turn, gave her the rare opportunity to perform in Taiwan, Siberia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. At the beginning of 2017, Marja played a major role in the centennial Saami concert in Trondheim, which marked the centenary of the first Saami Assembly in 1917. She has been working as the County Musician of Troms, Norway. In 2019, she got a Spellemann (the Norwegian Grammy Award) in the folk music category for her second album Mojhtestasse - Cultural Heirlooms. She was rewarded with the Áillohaš music prize in 2021, the biggest recognition for a Sámi artist.

Conductor: Christian Eggen

Produced by: Halldor Krogh, Daniel Herskedal, Marja Mortensson, Jakop Janssønn

Music by: Marja Mortensson, Daniel Herskedal

Lyrics by: Marja Mortensson

Orchestrated by: Daniel Herskedal


Marja Mortensson – yoik, vocals

Daniel Herskedal – tuba, bass trumpet

Jakop Janssønn – drums

The Norwegian Radio Orchestra

Yoik choir:

Katarina Barruk

Thomas Gælok

Frode Fjellheim

Recorded at: NRK Store Studio

Recorded by NRK Recording Engineers:

Øystein Halvorsen

Terje Hellem

Marit Askeland

Øystein Nordengen

Additional recordings at:

Øra Studio by Kyrre Laastad

Propeller Music Division Studio by Hans Andreas Horntveth Jahnsen

Vuelie Studio by Frode Fjellheim

Ballerina Audio by Nils Johansson

Mastered by: Thomas Eberger

Mixed by: August Wanngren

Drawings: Marja Mortensson

Artwork and painting: Thomas Barlund

Photo: Jarle Hvidsten (portrait)

Photo: Ellen Angeta Norvang (trio picture)

Photo: O. Hägglund, Rørosmuseet archives (motive: Reindeer Caravan)

Photo: The photo collection after Lars Danielsen, Rørosmuseet archives.

Photo: Ina-Theres Sparrok (CD inside)

English translation:

Johan Sandberg McGuinne

South Sámi language consultants:

Sig-Britt Persson, Elin Fjellheim


1. Kruanavaajja - The Green Valley
2. Vuelieh sjaavoejin - When the Yoiks Grew Silent
3. Johtelohke - The Migratory Route
4. Mehkanihks saernieh - Technical News
5. Aevjie - Pastures of Yore
6. Dehtie baeleste - The Passing of Time
7. Gaavalahke – The One Chosen to Lead the Herd
8. Boeltaajja - The Sacred Grandfather
9. Raajroen aalkove - The Migration Begins
10. Raajroe - The Reindeer Caravan