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Etherforce seven

Remixes: Ether Force Unit Seven

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“Only two moths after the completion of a trilogy on space and time, “ETHER FORCE UNIT SEVEN” surfaces: A two-way remix-album, with mixes both by and of the C.O.U. The contributors make a brilliant team of artists, mostly – but not only – people from the Norwegian underground: Minimal-king Ost from the gastronomic duo Ost and Kjex, the balkanologist Boutrous Boutrous Boutrous, UK dubsteppers VICELORDS, the mad electronic scientist Captain Credible, lo-fi and noise legend André Borgen, and Metronomicon Audio’s own guys; Koppen and Ergo.This record also reaches outside the boundaries for a remix album: The bands Tr-ond and the Suburban Savages and Orangebox have re-arranged and rerecorded everything completely. Also included are C.O.U.’s own remixing of drone-rockers Salvatore and UK harpist-songwriter Serafina Steer, and finally a meta-remix of a C.O.U. track.As a visual counterpart to all this recycling and restructuring of musical material, designers Yokoland have made a record sleeve with pictures containing only materials and objects that are in use on previous C.O.U. sleeves.This album is a who’s who of the exprerimental yet accessible Oslo-scene. It is also a crash course in the cornucopia that is the Center of the Universe, and an ear-opener to the ever expanding musical cosmos surrounding it. “Tracklist:1. “Drawn Inwards” VICELORDS remix2. [listen] This love will last 4 ever Boutros Boutros Boutros remix”3. “Darklow” Ost remix4. “Bonus Track” Koppen’s computer bonus-level5. “Doppelgänger” Captain Credible becomes you mix6. “Simulacra” André Borgen remix7. “The Seed” Mogens Operandi remix8. “Ah! You’re safer with me here” Orangebox remake9. “Sim Simulacrum” Tr-Ond and the Suburban Savages remake10. Serafina Steer: “Motion Pictures” C.O.U. Remix11. C.O.U. feat. Dag Stiberg: “Wannabe Soul (Central Heating)” Brugata Blogstyle Crew12. Salvatore: “E is for Egyptian field reversal” C.O.U. remix13. “Doppelgänger” C.O.U. meta-remix14. [listen] André Borgen vs. C.O.U.: Next Universe