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Organic Voodoo Soup

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Welcome to a spoonful of Organic Voodoo Soup!!

LOS PLANTRONICS’ brand new recordings have arrived fresh from the mixing desk, a revolutionary blast from the future and the past. The self explainery title of the album is “ORGANIC VOODOO SOUP” which has turned out to be a bigger, wider and a more wholesome record than their earlier works. In a way, this album has a more focused vision of a proper long play, as opposed to a collection of good songs. Their murky swamp rock sound contains a variety of influences; – garage-soul-boogaloo, electric swamp-R&B, Sun studio gospel-billy, Stax (studio) instrumentals, Chess recordings, Byrds-psychedelia, Memphis horns, Blaxploitation, space-surf guitars, biker-soundtracks, Hammond grooves, spaghetti-westerns, campfire guitars, Mariachi brass, New Orleans funk, Latin jazz, Asian mountain-music, American crime-writers and 1500 century painters! If you dig organic music and recordings you will dig this and with a gumbo of different influences the album is one big pot of boiling Organic Voodoo soup!

All ”basic tracks” is recorded live at Parachute studio w/Roar Nilsen as engineer and the elite of Norwegian musicians contributes to the album (Cumshots, El Cuero, Shit City, Grand Café, Nora Noor and Raga Rockers), as well as the African congas player Tabu S. Omari and the vocal group Suspicious Four.

Tape-virtuous Don Dons (psychedelic guitar rocker in WE) mixed the album down to 2 inch tape.

Los Plantronics doesn’t sound like anybody else! They never did…But this time they have really outdone themselves and challenged the listener with more complex songs, detailed orchestrating and arranging. Eivind Staxrud on lead guitar (Norway’s finest?) really shines on this release and the horn-section is now a bigger part of the sound, from high-noted mariachi trumpets to more Memphis-orientated horns. Generally the sound has grown bigger, but at the same time more approachable. It’s more focused on rough edged R&B, heavy soul and Latin elements and the vocal parts of the songs are really mind-blowing. Two big guitars, a standing masked drummer, congas, voodoo-percussion, Hammond organ, Jerry Lee Lewis piano, a big horn section, pedal-steel, Theremin, vibraphone, flute, a choir and a fat heavy bass makes the sound. A huge booming sound indeed!

The last year they criss-crossed Spain, did the rockabilly event Hultsfred Hayride, appeared at the Gypsy Hotel in London, played with Ebbot Lundberg (Soundtrack of Our Lives), shared the stage with the soul-punksters Jim Jones Revue, garage-legends The Sonics, the eclectic The Urban Voodoo Machine, Spanish surfers numero uno Los Coronas etc. etc. – all different vibes and experiences that sums up the record in a way!