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The Architect

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Through the releases of The First Songs (2008) and The Beat Of The Travel (2009), Jens Carelius has made a name for himself on the Norwegian music scene. He has received excellent reviews, sold a lot of records, played Norwegian festivals by:Larm and Øyafestivalen, and toured in Norway and the UK. Jens Carelius has grown significantly since his dogmatic debut, both as a recording artist and as a live performer. To top it all off, several Norwegian journalists named The Beat Of The Travel one of 2009’s best albums.

The Architect is a concept record, which uses the visual aspect of architecture as a starting point, and connects this aspect to elements from life itself. In its entirety, the record is intended to create a feeling of growth. The album is the soundtrack of the film The Architect, which has not yet been made. The film, which is released in 2012, will be based on the songs from the album, and is built around an architect and his circumstances as he breaks away from something traditional and starts rebuilding his life. The director and scriptwriter for the film is the exciting film maker Daniel Howlid. He has previously worked with Jens Carelius on all his earlier videos, and especially the video for the song The Talent from The Beat Of The Travel should be checked out. Jens Carelius placed himself in a three-month long refuge in a tiny house on the French Riviera in 2010, bringing only his 12- string guitar and something to write on. Here, all the songs for The Architect were written, and the idea of the album conceived. On The Architect, Jens steps away from the classic folk picking and the sound that characterised the two previous recordings. He has kept himself a lot more free in the creative process, and the songs are larger this time, and a lot more orchestral and filled with contrasts than earlier. True to soundtrack writing tradition, the songs are dramatic, with a lot of movement and many different forms of expression. The soundscape is intense, cool and minimalist, but also grandiose and orchestral and of a more modern character than earlier. Producer Øyvind Røsrud Gundersen, who also produced the first two records, has created a grandiose soundscape from Jens Carelius’ orchestral, intense playing of the 12-string and the intricate wind arrangements of the exciting jazz musician Hayden Powell. Other guest artists on the album include Jenny Hval (Rockettothesky), Siri Nilsen, Thomas Bratlie (Rumble In Rhodos), and Daniel Herskedal. The Architect is Jens Carelius’ third album.


1. Opening
2. Avenue De La Mer
3. Waiting By The Wall
4. Between The Hours
5. How Long Can You Go
6. Auditorium
7. Stranger At The Wheel
8. Rattling The Glass Cage
9. Rider Of The Rue
10. Father
11. The Tower