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Argentinian DJ / producer Joaquin Ruiz releases on Norwegian label Ploink this December, featuring four intense techno productions. Ploink - a longstanding nightclub in Bergen, Norway - branched out with a record label in 2014, and now boasts a discography spanning Prins Thomas, +plattform, Skatebård, Mental Overdrive and label cofounder Thomas Urv. The labels twentieth release comes from Joaquin Ruiz, a twenty-six-year-old from Buenos Aires, who has previously released on labels like Ascetic Limited and Children of Tomorrow whilst continuing to establish himself in the underground techno scene.

Ruiz opens with the title track Galactic, where haunting melodies sit upon tight, rolling percussion and progress under complex polyrhythms whilst reverb soaked transitions seamlessly tie the track together to set a dark and bewildering tone for the release. Transmissions use of hypnotic arpeggios which float amongst ethereal pads cleverly offset the uncompromising synthetic drums whilst Equilatero uses a range of interlocking synthesised movements, underpinned by percussion in keeping with the dark aesthetic of the release. Joaquin Ruiz closes with Spiralism where a melodic low end sets the foundation for synthesisers to creep in and out of different spaces with inspired use of reverb automation during layered hi hat patterns that create real depth in the mix making Spiralism a stylish close to the release.


1. Galactic
2. Transmissions
3. Equilatero
4. Spiralism

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