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Hanne Kolstø is releasing her 8th album in February 2nd, 2018.

Kolstø is an artist who enjoys to be in constant movement, and new album,«Fare», has a rougher and more hip hop-like sound than the songs on her last album, «Fest Blikket». She’s almost been living a nomadic lifestyle during the last few years, and she enjoys great contrasts, like when she moved from the southern Norwegian idyll Kristiansand to the edge of the sea at Lofoten in the north, or when she moved to Switzerland and then back again to Oslo. Now she commutes between the alps in Sykkylven and the forest cottage in Follo‘s flat terrain. Of course, this rootless existence contributes to colouring her music, and it has given her valuable inspiration throughout her career.
The minimalistic living standard at Hanne‘s present home, in the little cottage by the fjord, without running water or electricity, has apparently helped her even more with getting inspiration, and the songs are pouring out of her at an even more sporadic pace than they’ve done before.

Hanne Kolstø hasn’t «gone hip hop», if anyone should be concerned about that. But her sound is tougher and has a brighter beat, and at the same time the chorus is chilly and irresistible. This is a change that suits the artist Hanne Kolstø very well. As usual she’s worked with her producer, guitarist and partner Øyvind Røsrud Gundersen – a collaboration that has gone in all directions since her debut album, «Riot Break», from 2011. Together they continue pushing each other and constantly working towards a new album and a new sound.

Side A

1: Veit ikkje, kanskje
2: E vi åleine
3: Greinene
4: Fare
5: For nær

Side B
6: Ikkje rør
7: Is
8: Går i ord
9: Velg mej
10: Gøyme og leite