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Post-Modern Dark Age

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Freedumb returns to the album format carrying bigger musical visions and more focus on melodies and lyrics. After the dumbfounding shut-down of the biggest industry giant in the little Norwegian town ofMoss in 2012, Freedumb started exploring the impact of the closure on the local community and their home town. In the vacuum of more unemployment and dispair, combined with new ambisious urban developmet projects in Moss, the band created the songs that make out the new album. Post-Modern Dark Age creeps under your skin and directly into your nervous system. Desperate frustration, but with a slight drizzle of optimism and sunshine, is what characterizes the presence in the lyrics.Freedumb has been aroundsince 2003 and shows no signs of slowing down. Post-Modern Dark Age is the first album from a Trilogythat will be released over the next couple ofyears. The band has been constantly evolving and changing since the start; always aiming towards exploring new sounds and expressions and to creatively be on a constant move. Torstein Eriksen (bass & vocals), Thomas Walland Hansen (guitar & vocals) and Ole Vanem (drums) founded the band and played together from 2003-2010. The album "The Freedumb Curse" released in 2010 is a summary of this period.In 2016, the band released the album "Feeding The Tapeworm" this time with Kim Trøbråten on guitar together with Torstein Eriksen (bass & vocals) and Ole Vanem (drums).In 2017, Petter Cindahl (Bits Between) was recruited as a new drummer and the band went into the studio to work on their next album. In October disaster struck, Cindahl passed away and the band was put on hold. In the winter of 2018 Arne-Magnus Fjelle joined the band as the new drummer and the band started to tour again in the spring of 2018.They also finished the work on the recordings from 2017 together with producer Hans Tømmerholen and the result is finally ready to be released under the name Post-Modern Dark Age


1. Intro
2. Let it slide
3. Stuck in a dream
4. Confliction
5. Lead my hand
6. Ant Theme
7. Inside the box
8. Break the chain
9. Running
10. Let it rip