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1000 Island

2nd Edition Orange Vinyl
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Norwegian grammy winning debut album from Daufødt now available 2nd Edition Orange Vinyl.

Though they hail from the deepest Norwegian bible belt, punk band Daufødt surely is a beast. Like no other band of today, they create an energy of power and liberation through their iconic live shows where the valkyrian stage command of front-woman and visual artist Annika unites us all in a brew of blood, sweat and hair.

"Norwegian quartet Daufødt are a force to be reckoned with. A force of nature." - Echoes and dust

"Daufødt’s sound comes off so comfortably well worn on their debut that it would almost shock me to learn that they weren’t born with these songs thundering around in their soft, gooey, little skulls. As far as debuts go, 1000 Island is rock solid!" - New Noise Magazine

... there is a lot that catches, not least it gives something extra to the expression that the songs are recorded live, that the energy in the interaction, and the rumbling aggression as if comes out of my speakers ... - Dagsavisen

"It is Homme who sets the tone with her grueling voice on "1000 Island". In the opener "Feil" (Error) she bursts out without warning and she maintains this level of energy until the last second of the twelve songs." - Visions

"Daufødt proves that they can write catchy and hard-hitting punk on a par with the best ..." - Under Dusken

"By combining hardcore rage and hard-hitting intensity with punk attitude and rawness, 1000 Island reveals a young band determined to wreak havoc in every stinking bar across the globe." - Disharmoni

"Constant pressure from the punkers from the south of Norway" - Morgenbladet

"From the happy southern Norway, with roaring, anger and old-fashioned attacks on patriarchy in the luggage, Daufødt delivers a melodic half hour with danceable punk rhythms on the debut «1000 Iceland»." - Klassekampen

"Listening to this is like dancing in a meat grinder, I heard someone say. Put on your dancing shoes!" - P3 on the track "Ingemannsland"

"This one beats the shit out of you, even if you're nowhere near a moshpit." - Radio Revolt on the single «Sammen er vi Daufødt»


1. Feil
2. Ingenmannsland
3. Nå rakner alt
4. Gitar Hero
5. 1000 Island
6. Den hurtigste af 200 millioner sædceller
7. Sammen er vi Daufødt
8. Forbudte frukter
9. Resept
11. 4536 Liberstad
12. Ett eller annet radikalt

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