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Men of Earth, or MOE (pronounced moe) as they go by in some quarters, gets to the point before others even start contemplating the subject. The album you are about to hear (bikers) was written, recorded and mixed in less than 21 hours. Everything you hear is recorded with the fastest and shortest possible signal path. Direct into the console with no cords longer than 12”. No amplifiers were used, no unnecessary force was used to push superfluous air around.

Men of Earth wants you to experience the true power of intense directness. It’s solid, it’s true serendipity. Men of Earth are artists with one quest: To make music and record it as fast as possible. It’s philosophy, speed and rhythm. Let yourself be swept away by these cats. Be stunned by their finger-zingering frolicking and intense RX5 groove. This music will make you go out and yell. Luckily, Men of Earth recorded this thing for us to feel it, love it and be moved by it. It’s a wonderful and rare experience and we should be grateful.


1. Intro
2. Looking for a Font
3. Manaconda
4. Modern Boy
5. Constant Fight Mouth
6. Dip It in the Dark
7. Birds Projected on Woods
8. Harpix Tokyo
9. Easy 8-Bit
10. Take Rx5 ...and Leave It