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Roxy 22.05.83

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Pling Plong


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O. Gudmunsen Minde is pleased to present the vinyl debut of a lost chapter in Norwegian experimental/post-post music: Autentisk Film

In the early 80s the two sisters Åshild & Anne Grete Kolås formed Autentisk Film. Inspired by both the new experimental electronic music of the time and arthouse cinema, the two set out make a crossover project that worked with sound, performance and video. The music was often a mix of song-based and electronic and acoustic noise sections.

In a short but intense burst of activity the two released a handful of cassettes, performed live and made a short film. In a Norwegian perspective the project is quite unique, taking an approch that more reflected what was going internationaly than domestically. With very limited means the Kolås sisters created music that sounds remarkably fresh almost 40 years later. Staying true to their DIY approach, feeling that if continuing both the music and art world of the time would only lead to artistic compromise, the project was disbandoned, and the two never made music again, leaving a focused body of work that stands as a complete statement.

Through an extensive process O. Gudmunsen Minde have tracked down and restored the master tapes and artwork, and this has resulted in two LPs: “1983” features a selection of pieces from their cassette releases, released on both their own label and the legendary Shit Tapes. The second LP is “Roxy 22.05.83”, which is a full live performance, two side-long trance-like electronic pieces, which could be seen as a proto-type of early minimal techno. For those looking for a missing link between Norwegian punk and the 90s wave of electronic music the release


Side A:
1. Part 1
Side B:
2. Part 2

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