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An invitation to see the world through the glasses of a brilliant fuck-up

Originating from the basement of the autonomous youth community house Blitz in Oslo, Duvel is a minimalist post-punk band and the alpha-dandys of the Oslo underground. They may be young, but they know a thing or two about the outer fringes of normality. Since the release of their 2018 debut "Attempts at Speech", the band has learned to play their instruments and they have included keys into the mix. This giving them an added layer of energy and drive, as well as dragging their music more towards 90's britpop. Musically, the album takes the step out of the Blitz-basement, but the energy and DIY ethics the band has always had remains. The result is young and heroic underground rock. This album is a declaration of war against all that is established, everyday and boring.

Vocalist Jack Holldorff says:
"Common for the songs is that they all in their own way deal with the feeling of being a little outside of things. They are an invitation to see the world through the glasses of a brilliant fuck-up, the cool losers. Those who kick and beats and screams, refusing to be drawn into the adult world. Who do not trust anyone other than each other. Duvel is not a band, it is a gang. "

The album was recorded in Taakeheimen Lydrike in Oslo, and is produced and mixed by Morten Øby, master by Brian Lucy in Magic Garden Mastering.

Duvel is Jack Holldorff, Brage Lindebrekke, Kaspar Nikolaisen Hegre and Zacharias Flaathe.


All songs written by Duvel, recorded and produced by Morten Øby and Duvel in Taakeheimen lydrike 2019/2020.

Front cover photo by Linnea Vestre, feat. Aron Fali Valdes.
Back cover photo by Emil Vestre. Graphic design by Eivind André Imingen.
Mixed by Morten Øby in Taakeheimen lydrike.
Mastered by Brian Lucy at Magic Garden Mastering.
A big thank you to everyone who’s contributed with money, your bodies and hours.
Free Aron


1. Church Bells
2. Hong Kong Sex Toy Store
3. All Out On You
4. Human
5. U
6. Rooftops
7. Broken Bottles
8. Elephant Island
9. Eals