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This varants a little back story before we continue; I used to run a small DIY label focusing on emo/ screamo back in 2008 to 2012 called Listen to Aylin Records. After lots of consideration, I decided to put the label on ice. In 2019, I was asked by some people I really respect and admire if it would ever be possible for me to ressurrect the label. I was proposed a 4 way split record between four of my favorite current bands, and I had to say yes. One of those bands were FRAIL BODY, a powerhouse of a trio who recently signed to Deathwish Inc. This band blew me away (along with the three other bands on the split), and I knew that they were going to be a household name. I couldn't let the opportunity of releasing that split 12" pass. I never would have dreamed that they would sign to one of my favorite labels either... I got in touch with the band before their upcoming album and asked them a few questions, which Lowell kindly answered.

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