Stikkordarkiv: mono

Sjappesnakk: Mono

Taka fra det japanske bandet med det fete navnet og de mon(o)mentale låtene slo på tråden for å ta en sjappesnakk her med oss på Tiger, i anledning den ferske skiva “Nowhere Now Here”!

The title of the new album is “Nowhere Now Here”. What do you mean by this title?

“Nowhere Now Here” became a musical trail of all the troubles we faced as we walked towards our new chapter.

In 2017, because of our troubles and termination with our Japanese management and label, as well as our drummer’s departure, we were in a state of not being able to take one step. We didn’t have any of our schedule locked and we were all in the mood of “if it was a regular band, this is when they’d disband”. We were really in the dark and couldn’t see anything ahead. We were in a crucial time of needing to decide whether the band should reborn or stop its activity.

In result, I left a story about regenerating from the pitch-black darkness which felt like “nowhere”, then through dawn, welcoming the new chapter “now here”. Because of this, this album is filled with completely different energy compared to our last albums.

If you cut the word “nowhere” in half, it becomes “now here”. I wanted to express that by pouring the feeling of love and positivity into that one single space, you will be able to change everything.

This album portrays a story about parting with the past. From wondering a pitch-black darkness filled with hatred, anger and a sense of incongruity in the deep pit of your heart, to facing yourself and fighting through struggles, hidden light and hope of what you wish to remain, then eventually in the last scene “Vanishing, Vanishing Maybe”, you part way with the past.

What records influenced “Nowhere Now Here”?

When I write songs, I don’t really listen to music so there are no albums that gave me a direct influence but always, I’m listening to Beethoven, My Bloody Valentine, Ennio Morricone, Arvo Part and Philip Grass and recently, I listen to a lot of Johan Johansson and Nils Frahm.

Years ago Mono played at the now closed Oslo club Mono, and this gig featured on your live DVD. Do you have any fond memories from this gig?

I don’t remember clearly but I still haven’t forgotten that the venue’s name was the same. It was when I was still young. Our live back then’s volume was extremely loud.

We’re still really loud now but I remember the amp was often smoking back then.

Any particular Norwegian artists you are into at the time?



Foto: Chigi Kanbe